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New Album Out Now!

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Get My ''Far From Home'' EP In A Five Day Interactive Experience..

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“Cascading, patterned acoustic guitar notes layer on top of each other to create an impressive waterfall of sound. The breathy, high‐pitched vocals and electric guitar notes add to the beautiful maelstrom. WOW”

-  Stephen Carradini (Independent Clauses)

Born in a small town in Switzerland Knaan Shabtay also spent his childhood in Israel moving back and forth between the two countries. His soft voice, unusual accent, honest lyrics combined with his warm acoustic guitar sound blend together to create a modern approach to traditional folk music and often make one wonder about his roots.

In November 2014 Knaan self-released his debut EP ''Lost In Time'' which includes four songs.


His debut single ''Stay A Little Longer'' appeared on different radio stations in Israel and Switzerland in early 2015, and was followed by an Israel tour with shows at ''Haifa 100 Live'' and ‘’Nataraj’’ festivals.

After many shows all over Israel and a successful UK tour, Knaan released his debut full-length album in early 2023.

"Sensitive, delicate, exciting
and beautiful sound"

-  Amir Asher (Haaretz newspaper)

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